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Elements of a slot machine

Previously, only the reels were responsible for the random selection of pictures, which rotated and stopped in a random position. A special mechanism was responsible for the randomness of the symbols - a metal casing with a window housed three reels where certain pictures were applied. The lever started the rotation of the reels, which eventually stopped and the combination was formed in the window. The first designs had a number of drawbacks, they could not guarantee a fair result, as it was possible to physically start spinning the reels. Over time, more protected mechanisms began to appear, the first electronic models were developed in the 80s, and virtual ones in the early 90s.The mechanics of modern slot machines are simple:

  • the player starts a spin;
  • symbols randomly appear on the field;
  • Horizontal and vertical symbol matches create prize combinations.

Now the issuance of symbols is calculated using a random number generator. Thus, external influence on the operation of the machines is completely eliminated. Both the free version and the risky version contain combinations on top of the reels, falling out at random. Exactly to make sure that each model is unbiased, you should play free demo slot machines without registration. Varying your stake, you can understand how the behavior of an emulator, when the time comes to play seriously.ReelsIn free slots there is always a minimum of 3 reels. But the most popular designs are 5-7 reels. All reels repeat the same set of symbols. Because free online slots, unlike mechanical ones, can contain an infinite number of image faces, the chances of winning and scatter increase. An original story, a risk round, bonussymbols and freespins can all be found on the 5 reels. 6-7-reel machines contain a scheme of building rows more complicated, so they are inferior in number familiar to the five-reel model. Sometimes an additional reel can be connected as a bonus or for the purchase of chips without money already after the combination is formed.

The youngest on the net are the nine-reel models. Since there are thousands of times more options - not only horizontal, but vertical, even diagonal matches became active.


The number of paylines is preset by the machine initially. Can be present as three or a hundred and three strips to form combinations. Increasingly, the player can adjust the number of lines, so the active may be even 1 out of 100. The setting is made before the spin, the number of lines can be changed only before the next bet.

The player can activate autoplay - then each autospin will repeat the settings of the first. If you put the bet 10 credits, the game on 3 lines, 5 reels, and then run autoplay - all combinations will be formed only according to the chosen coordinate system.


Often it is the appearance of the free slot becomes the main criterion for the choice of the player. The interface of the machine does not change regardless of whether the customer plays for free, without sms and registration or bets. Thousands of existing models represent all possible plots: from strawberries on the reels to unique pictures of jazz legends. Increasingly, 3D graphics are being used and movie clips appear in the introductions. Thanks to this slot machine demo version to play for free in bollywood-casino24.in prefer more and more people, as the process of gambling without money is not less excitement than winning.